Why You Need to Rent a Campervan for Your Next Trip to California

For some people, camping can be a challenge. Not only do you have to plan for the trip but you also have to take items that you normally do not use to a great extent at home. However, once you take off in a campervan and find a campsite to build a fire, you quickly forget about any of these annoyances.

One of the best times of the year to camp out in California is the early fall, or just after the Labor Day holiday. This is the time of year to remove your gear from the storage unit and head for some beautiful camping and scenic spots in the state.

Jalama Beach

One of these desirable locations is Jalama Beach. The exotically-named shore sits quietly awaiting your arrival in the county of Santa Barbara. The beach is located approximately 60 miles north and west from the city of Santa Barbara.

When you arrive at the beach park, you will find that this isolated yet popular beach offers 98 sites, including spaces for RVs and tents. Seven cabins are featured in the park as well. Once you arrive at your destination, you can stop at the general store for any forgotten items or necessities.

You can also access showers and bathrooms at the facility. A restaurant is available as well for any campers who like burgers. However, do not expect to use your tablet or cellphone at the campsite as it does not pick up Wi-Fi reception. So, booking campervan in USA from RV rental sites is great as long as you can get by without the electronic means of communication.

Kelso Dunes

Another campsite that might strike your fancy in California are the Kelso Dunes. This more primitive campground, however, offers pit toilets so its conveniences are more rustic. Nevertheless, this California campsite will also make you feel as if you landed someplace similar to Mars.

The sand banks featured at the site are situated in the Mojave Nature Preserve. Therefore, camping is provided along the road. What is unique about this site is the sound that the sand makes when it glides over a steep slope. If the moisture is just right, you will hear the sand emit a singing sound when you run down an incline.

Pinnacles National Park

This park, which is about 80 miles south and east of San Jose, was shaped by the work of volcanoes over 20 million years ago. Therefore, you can witness some interesting natural artwork at this campsite. Not only is the site home to forested areas and spires of rock but it also displays such natural wonders as narrow canyons and talus caves.

People love visiting the park as it features 134 spaces for RVs and tents. Each site also comes with a picnic table and fire pit. You can also visit the site’s general store and splash in the swimming pool. Whilst the scenery may be dated, the facility itself offers contemporary conveniences. You can bring your dog to the park as well. However, you cannot walk your canine friend along the hiking trails.