Questions To Ask To Keep Your Car Under Warranty Even Longer

Once you have purchased a new car, the next big question is whether you need to keep your car under warranty even longer through extended warranty. It is not an easy decision for any consumer since it will mean spending more money.

Before you say yes to an extended warranty for your car, you need to determine if you really need to keep your car under warranty even longer. Here are some questions you want to ask.

What’s an extended warranty?

With extended warranty, you basically get an extra protection that goes beyond the warranty of the car manufacturer. When the latter expires, your extended warranty will cover for the specific repairs needed to maintain your car in tip top shape. If you will compare it to a medical insurance, some will have a wider coverage while others will have deductibles.

Who’s providing extended warranty?

Extended warranty for cars can either be backed by a third party or by the manufacturer itself.

When an extended warranty is manufacturer backed, it is essentially an extension of the manufacturer’s warranty. The repairs will all be done at the dealership. On the other hand, an extended warranty from a third party may either pay or not pay for repairs done at the dealership. You can also be referred to an affiliated repair shop instead.

How much is the deductible?

Ideally, you’re hoping for an extended warranty without a deductible but if there will be deductibles, you’ve to find out if it will be a per-repair or a per-visit setup. It is best to stay clear of extended warranties that will require per-repair deductible since it can charge you for every replaced or repaired part in case the parts are related to the cause of the problem.

What is covered by extended warranty?

If you are offered to keep your car under warranty even longer through extended warranty you have to know what is covered. You need to make sure that you will be paying the premium so the things most likely to break after your manufacturer warranty expires are covered. So, make sure you have the air conditioner, transmission, power-steering, ABS, and other electrical systems covered.

Who will pay the bill?

Some extended warranty providers will require you to pay for the bill and just reimburse your expenses from them. If this is the setup, it can be a headache as this process can take several weeks to months. The best thing to do will be to choose an extended warranty provider that pays the repair shop directly. Again, pick something that will not require you to take something out of your own pocket.

Do you need an extended car warranty?

This is one question you really need to answer. Remember, the extended warranty will only kick in once the carmaker’s warranty expires. If you are planning to keep your car for a long while, then definitely an extended warranty might come handy. However, if you are planning to change vehicles after just a few years, then the manufacturer’s warranty might still be good and you will not be needing an extended warranty.

You name your car and you treat it as one of your most precious possessions. If you are planning to keep your car under warranty even longer, learn how you can do it at