Hyundai Houston top Models 2018

Hyundai is busy in building their reputation while other brands are busy in competing in the market. Have you ever used any model of Hyundai? If not then you don’t have to go towards the old models because today we are about to tell you about the upcoming models. Give a shot to the new models and this one is right for the people who are car lovers and want to know maximum information about the new cars. We are about to tell you about the models of 2018 so you can start digging for more information. Let’s have a look at what is happening inside the car market of Hyundai Houston.

  1. ACCENT:

The accent is known as one of the best sellers in Sedan and as you all know this car is one of the most advanced and comfortable models till now of Hyundai Houston. People who have already seen the inside pictures of the car are addicted to the model. The features of this car included:

* Seating capacity of 5 people.

* Fuel consumption is economical which is City= 8.8L/100km and for the highway = 6.3L/100km.

* Engine option of this car includes 1.6 liters 14.

* The transmission option is manual

* Drivetrain is forward.


Elantra is all set to show it’s magic with the improved performance. The ride is coming up with the fast and efficient performance and you can see the looks of the car has changed as well. Look at the improved version of the Elantra as follow:

* Seating capacity is 5.

* Drivetrain is forward.

* Fuel economy is about city=0L/100kkm and for the highway=0L/100km.

* Transmission option is manual.

* Fuel type of the car is gas.

* The looks of the car are aerodynamic.


Veloster is known as the aggressive model of Hyundai. The headlights and arches of the car are enough to mesmerize and the performance of the car is another story for the rider. This limited edition is all set to burn the roads with the power packed performance. Have a look at the features of the car:

* Seating capacity of the car is 4.

* Drivetrain is forward.

* Fuel economy of the car is city=9.1L/100km and for the highway = 6.7L/100km.

* Transmission options are available, 6 speed manual, 6-speed DCT, 6 speeds automatic.

* Engine options are 1.6 liters 14.

  1. IONIQ:

This model is available in hybrid, electric and electric plus. The feature of the ioniq is high profile and with the perfect systems. The features of the model are magical. Have a look:

* Direct injected 1.6 liters four cylinders engine.

* Seating capacity is for 5

* Fuel economy is the city- 0L/100km and for the highway = 0L/100km.

* The electric plug-in powertrain deliver about 118 horsepower.

* HID headlights are available.

* Leather seating.

* Transmission option of the car is automatic.

* Steering wheel audio control is available.

* Tire pressure monitor is available.

  1. SONATA:

After the minor changes Sonata is set to launch in the market. The performance capacity of the sonata has increased and redesigning will make it easy to see the space in the car. Have a look at the features of this model.

* Seating capacity is about 5 people.

* Drivetrain is forward.

* Fuel economy for the city= 9.4L/100km and for the highway-6.7L/100km.

* Transmission option is automatic.

* Engine option includes 2.4 liters 14.

* Aerodynamic bumper and wheels.

* It has sunroof and sports seat for the super comfort.

* The appearance of the car is classy and elegant.