How to Replace Your Windscreen

The windscreen in your car is designed to serve a multitude of purposes. First of all, it helps break the air resistance and pressure when you are driving, curving it around the vehicle. Secondly, the windshield helps in preventing the air from getting in your eyes. Without a windshield, the dust particles and debris in the air would significantly impair the driver’s vision and could prove to be the result of a major accident. It’s one of the main reasons why driving around with a damaged windshield, or with none at all, is strictly forbidden in international driving laws.

The windshield is made from tempered glass so that it doesn’t get damaged very quickly. Conventional glass products are quite brittle and susceptible to cracking and breakage due to changes in pressure, or when something solid hits the surface on impact, but that is not the case with windshields. Unless the impact is significant, such as one caused due to an accident, your windshield is unlikely to break. In case your windscreen has gotten damaged, you will want to get it replaced from a reliable location. Unless you have a new windshield installed in your car, there’s a chance that you will be pulled over by the police and will have to pay a hefty fine.

If you have a broken windshield that you want to replace, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Finding a New Windshield

Finding a replacement windscreen is a big problem for most people, especially since you have to be careful that you buy a windscreen that was originally made for the same model as your car. You should look for local workshops that offer windscreen replacement in Colchester in order to find the proper windshield for your car. These companies specialise in fixing auto glasses and offer a plethora of services to their customers. You can purchase a new windshield from them and check it to ensure that it’s the right model for your car.

Fixing the Windshield

This is a slightly bigger problem, since you will first have to remove the old windshield from your car and then use a specialised glue in order to put the new one in its place. Ideally, it would be better if you take your car to a local workshop that offers windshield replacements and installations. They will remove your damaged windshield and put the new one in its place. They will also apply a silicone glue around the edges to seal the windshield properly in place. Otherwise, water might start leaking into the cabin of your car from around the edges of the windshield.

Don’t risk driving with a damaged windshield; call a reputable windscreen replacement company today!