How Does Four Wheel Alignment Improve The Performance Of The Car?

When you have the car serviced, everything needs to be checked in fine detail. There are several services that you might not be aware of. For example, you can have all of the wheelslaser aligned in order to improve performance.

This focuses on three key things:

  • Camber – the camber angle is the difference between the vertical alignment of the wheel perpendicular to the surface of the road. When the tiles tilt away from the car, this is a positive camber. If the opposite occurs, then this is negative camber. The type of camber that you need will depend on your driving style as well as road and weather conditions at the time. Negative camber can be corrected when you have car maintenance in Eastbourne because this type of camber reduces the amount of contact that the wheels have with the road.
  • Caster – The caster is the angle that is created from the steering pivot point between the front and the back of the vehicle. When the caster of the vehicle is positive, this will help to make the car when it is going at high speeds.
  • Toe – The next thing that needs to be considered is the toe. This is the angle of the tires from birds-eye views. The angle will change the driving conditions. For example, negative toe makes cornering much easier and positive toe allows the car to drive straighter when it is going at high speeds. The angles of the toe can speak to the car specialist and they will explain which types of the toe are the best for you.

All of this is designed to improve the performance of the car in a number of ways.


The angle of the wheels is going to change how much they grip the road. You want the grip to be perfect when you are travelling at high speeds. The grip of the wheels becomes especially important when you are cornering. The wheels will be aligned correctly so that they will perform at optimum level.


The car needs to corner properly when you are driving along because this will increase your safety when you are behind the wheel. The wheels will be aligned and then you will notice a marked improvement in the way that the car is handling around corners. This factor will increase your enjoyment of driving.

Driving In A Straight Line

You might think that driving in a straight line is completely dependent on the way that you are turning the wheel. However, this is more dependent on how your wheels are aligned. The wheels will be turned to the optimum point so that driving in a straight line is never going to be a problem.


  • When you have the entire car serviced, the wheels are going to be aligned by an expert.
  • This will make you much safer when you are driving and it will also make you much more comfortable.
  • Driving the car will be extremely pleasurable after the experience is over.