Heated Wiper Blade – Quick to install and easy to use

Time is a luxury to many road users and drivers alike. The heated wiper blade offers the best installation option to those in need of a quick installation of this device. When installing the heated wiper on your vehicle, it is required that a set of sensors sold separately from the main device be installed alongside with the wipers. The estimated time for the installation process no matter the size of the wiper, shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Regardless of the type of car you own, be rest assured that you will get a heated wiper blade that fits your car. Crystal Clear Blades produces top notch reliable heated windshield wiper blade for all car models and brands.

Tips for getting more from your wiper blades

  1. In order to get the best result from your wiper blade, make sure you replace your vehicles’ wiper blades every 6 months after use or once you notice any defects.
  2. Avoid Salt and sand, these substances will damage your blade easily.
  3. Ensure you thoroughly clean your wind shield to extend your wiper blades lifespan.
  4. Never forget to pull up your wiper blades once your car is parked during the winter.
  5. Do you own a car with unique curved wind shield? There are wiper blades specially made for you.

People often neglect the importance of wiper blades. But they don’t realise that having a good set of wiper blades can actually save you from a lot of visibility induced accidents especially in harsh weather conditions like in the winter.

Features of the heated wiper blades include:

  • The heated wiper blade has the ability to cut through ice and snow therefore ensuring a safer winter travels.
  • It Custom size makes replacing wiper blades a lot easier and convenient.
  • The heated wiper blade has a built in heater elements that keeps the blade boiling at approximately 200° when turned on.
  • The heated wiper can melt ice and snow even when it’s temperature is 40° below zero
  • Due to its silicone rubber material, the heated wiper blade is primed for maximum performance.
  • With the toggle switch console at your disposal the control is in your palms.
  • The heated wiper blade has a 65-strand flexible wire which connects your heated wiper blades to your vehicles’ 12V electrical system
  • The availability of heated frames ensures that your wiper blade is always from ice.

Heated windshield wiper offers high visibility ratio even in the most harshest of conditions. You might be wondering why Heated Wind shield Wipers has become so popular amongst car owners. The main reason is in the fact that each squeegee is equipped with a high calibre of heating element. And this is why the silicone rubber sizzles at approximately 200°. At this point it melts away all the ice and snows, while also paving way for a clear view of the road.