Complete Guide to Take Care of Your Mercedes Benz Tires

A luxury car like Mercedes-Benz requires regular care, and as an owner, you need to make sure all its parts are in good health by taking it for scheduled maintenance programs. Needless to say, tires are one of the most important parts of a Mercedes-Benz car and if you do not take proper care of these, you might have to face bigger problems. A tire connects the vehicle with the ground on which the car rolls. Hence, any inflation of tires or failure can have serious results and question the safety of the passengers. So, to get the optimum functioning tires, check out how you can take care of the Mercedes Benz tires which are usually made with light alloy.

Steps To Check The Mercedes-Benz Tires Regularly:

Checking your tires on a regular basis is the most important step you can take for maintaining the best condition of your Mercedes-Benz tires. There are three things you need to check in your tire. Below are the ways you should check your Mercedes-Benz tires.

Tire Pressure Checking:

You must check the tire pressure as the air plays a very important role to keep the tires in the ideal shape. Hence, depending on how much you drive and how far you run your vehicle, you need to check the tire pressure quite frequently. It is mandatory to check the tire pressure at least once in a month. You can opt for a digital tire gauge to measure the tire pressure. You should also follow the user’s manual for your Mercedes-Benz.

Check the pressure of the car tires when the vehicle is sitting and the tires are cold as the pressure increases after the friction. Inspecting the pressure when the tire is hot will not give you the accurate result and might hide if the tire is under-inflated.

Alignment Inspection:

There are several reasons a tire may lose its alignment and wear out easily. It might be a pothole or the regular wear and tear which these go through. If you can’t check the alignment yourself, you can simply go to the Mercedes-Benz service center close to you. Here are the signs that indicate your car tires are out of alignment.

The tread wear appears uneven. Check if there is any uneven or excessive tread on the edges of your tire.

Check if you need some extra effort to make your vehicle run straight.

You have little control over the turns and you can feel a vibration in the steering wheel.

Due to alignment problem your car may appear sideways while it is running straight.

Wrong alignment can create extra stress on the front tires that will lead them to wear out early. You should check the alignment every time you replace a tire and at least once in a year normally. Otherwise, if you regularly drive on a rough road and hit potholes, then you frequently need to go for an alignment inspection.

Checking Tire Tread:

Driving cars with tires which have low tread depth can be dangerous. In some states, it is even illegal to drive the cars when tread depth is lower than 4/32”. Checking tread depth at home is easy and it will also indicate when the right time to replace your tires is. There are tread wear indicator bars located at the bottom of the tread furrows. When these bars become flush, it is time you should replace your tire.

Tire Rotation:

Tire rotation is really helpful to maximize the lifespan of your Mercedes Benz wheels. If you do not rotate your tire regularly, it might require to be replaced at a premature stage. Front tires become damaged faster than the rear ones as more pressure falls upon the front tires. The experts recommend that you should rotate your tires every 5,000 – 6,000 miles. Tire rotation prevents extreme damage of the tires.

Cleaning the Mercedes-Benz Tires:

Apart from the above checklist, you must keep your tires clean and shiny as part of its maintenance. Use a specially formulated tire cleaner that will not make a thin coating on the rubber of the wheels. The car washing soap cannot be used to wash the rims and tires. The light alloy tires of Mercedes-Benz should be cleaned with specific tire cleaners. Once you apply the cleaner on the tires, allow it to remain for a while and then use the rough brush to remove the stains. Once the brushing is done, spray water with hose to give your tires the final wash.

When You Need A Tire Replacement:

You should never delay in replacing the tire if you notice any kind of damage, unevenness, bulges, cracks and cuts on your Mercedes-Benz tires. Always keep a spare tire in your luxury Mercedes-Benz so that you stay equipped when there is a flat tire. Regular inspection of tread depth, alignment and tire pressure is extremely necessary to detect any problem in the tires which carries the pressure of the entire vehicle and the passengers. Especially, if your car is under-inflated, it might be dangerous for the passengers. So, you need to address this issue as soon as you can detect it.