Check it before you ride it

When buying something in Australia, especially cars and motorbikes, it is important to make sure about the status of the motor vehicle in order to protect the buyer from certain possible situations where he or she might find themselves in. A simple PPSR search will do just that. Knowing the car’s or motor bike’s PPSR or Personal Properties Security Register and status of the vehicle you are wanting to purchase will help you a lot.

This PPSR and REVS check which can be obtained from CheckVIN will serve as a helpful tool in deciding whether or not you will buy the car. There are times when privately owned cars are still not fully paid when people put it up for grabs, and when this happens and you buy a car that still has money owed, you’d be surprised when the repo guys come knocking at your front door.

Protect yourself

There are certain instances wherein you find yourself being sold a nice looking car at a really low price; we’re talking an unbelievably low price. While this might be too good to be true (and it usually is), this scenario might raise a lot of red flags since why would someone sell a nice looking car in top condition for such a small amount. You might possibly think that it’s some sort of shady deal wherein that person is looking to dispose of a stolen vehicle and you’re the answer to their problems. What you can do to avoid getting yourself into this kind of situation is that you can run a PPSR check on the said vehicle for sale to find out everything that it is registered in and sure enough, if the car is stolen, it will reflect on the PPSR search results.

Dream car at an unbelievably low price?!

This also applies as to what was mentioned above. There are instances wherein there are a lot of high end luxury cars that are being sold in the black market at of course, a lower price compared to that of the dealers themselves. While this might be tempting, you just might be buying a stolen car which is technically considered illegal and one day or another, the authorities will find out about it and you will find yourself neck deep in trouble. Checking the PPSR registry of the vehicle will show if the vehicle is indeed smuggled and stolen or not.

Background checks are important

Whenever you plan on buying a used car privately directly from the owner or a middle man, you have to make sure that the car is in perfect working order, while road tests can take care of this, you might just jump into buying the car since it might be priced cheap. When dealing with cars, especially second hand cars, you have to make sure that the car or owner doesn’t have any debts pertaining to the vehicle. If the said vehicle still hasn’t been paid in full without you knowing and the previous owner decides to stop paying for it, it’s quite possible that the car you just bought will be repossessed.

You can never be too sure when buying second hand cars without going through dealers. While you might think that the car is sold at a fairly low price, what you might not know is that the car is either stolen or it is not fully paid yet and in which case you might get yourself into some unwanted trouble and eventually losing the car. Getting a PPSR check on the vehicle before purchasing it will help you save a lot of trouble in the long run.